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The last IECG took place in Hamburg on 13 October 2013

The last IECG meeting took place in Hamburg on 13 October 2013. Representatives  from Amfep, JEA, ABIAM and ETA attended the event. The next meeting is planned for October 2014 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The next meeting of IECG members will take place in Denmark on 5 October

We are proud to announce the upcoming yearly gathering of the IECG members on 5 October 2012 in Denmark.

This year this  meeting will be once again hosted by Amfep.

Amfep hosted 2011 IECG meeting

Amfep (Association of Manufacturers and Formulators of Enzyme Products) will hosted the 2011 meeting of the International Enzymes Co-ordination Group. This meeting took place on 7 October and was held in Bath, UK.

Date for IECG 2011 confirmed

The date for 2011 IECG meeting is now confirmed: 7 October 2011. The meeting will take place in the afternoon. Venue: Bath, UK.